Spotlight on our manufacturers

February 13, 2018

Spotlight on our manufacturers

Cuckoo Collections are proud to be one of the few cuckoo clock stores that sells such a wide range of both modern and traditional cuckoo clocks and regular clocks. 

We are a proud online retailer of cuckoo clocks and regular clocks and have partnerships with manufacturers in Germany, Italy, Japan and Switzerland. In this blog post we point the spot-light at our current suppliers who make all this possible. Their innovation and craftsmanship make it possible for any lucky person to own such a unique work of art, a slice of history and a functional piece of decor that is the cuckoo clock. 

Our Traditional Cuckoo Clock Manufacturers



Trenkle Uhren

For more than 30 years, in the small town of Simonswald, Germany, craftspeople for 'Trenkle Uhren' busily craft a wide range of traditional cuckoo clocks. Specialising in the 'quartz-powered' variety (i.e. battery powered cuckoo clocks), Trenkle Uhren has a charming and popular range of chalet and carved cuckoo clocks that are easy to maintain and a real joy for those who are just learning about the in's and out's of the cuckoo clock. See the full Trenkle Uhren range here.


August Schwer

Winners of the 2015 'Cuckoo Clock of the Year Award', August Schwer are a Black Forest cuckoo clock manufacturer that has a history that dates back to 1885 where it all began in a guestroom of the 'Schlosshotel' in Schonach. It's factory now stands in Schönwald, Germany in the Black Forest where their precision craftsmanship has made their clocks a famous collectors. See the full August Schwer range here.


Rombach & Haas

Located in Schonach in the ancient Black Forest, the small workshop has been family run for over four generations, beginning in 1894 and continuing to this day with Ingolf Haas and his wife Conny carrying on the legacy. Mr Haas is also Chairman of the VDS (the Black Forest Clock makers Association) where he, and other Black Forest clock-makers, are dedicated to preserving the traditional and unwavering quality of the regions unique export. See the full Rombach Haas range here.

Cuckoo Collections presents Loetscher cuckoo clocks  


Loetscher AG have been creating genuine Swiss chalet cuckoo clocks since 1920. Nestled in the heart of Switzerland, their workshop continues to build cuckoo clocks with the same love, craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into their first clocks, making each one a timeless work of art. They pride themselves on being the only genuine Swiss Cuckoo Clock maker in existence today. See the full Loetscher range here.

Cuckoo Collections presents Hubert Herr cuckoo clocks 

Hubert Herr

At the beginning of the 19th century Hubert Herr began manufacturing Black Forest cuckoo clocks. The tradition, based on skilled craftmanship, technical know-how and up-to-date environmentally conscious production methods, guaranteed the highest of quality cuckoo clocks which Hubert Herr are renowned for today. Starting from the raw material wood and metal up to the fully assembled clock, each beautiful cuckoo clock is hand-made in the Hubert Herr's twin factories in Triberg, Black Forest, Germany. See the full Hubert Herr range here.


Our Modern Cuckoo Clock Manufacturers  


Cuckoo Collections presents Progetti cuckoo clocks 


Progetti is one of Italy's leading design companies. For the past 30 years, they have brought together some of Italy's most brilliant product designers, thinkers and researchers to help create a unique range of contemporary house and living accessories for homes, offices and spaces worldwide. See the full Progetti range here.

Cuckoo Collections presents Pirondini cuckoo clocks 


The "Pirondini Italia" design company was originally founded in 1978 by brothers Donatella, Ambrogio and Giovanni Pirondini. Today the company specialises in modern wall & cuckoo clocks and modern children's cuckoo clocks along with their modern home compliments. Their revival of ancient inlay techniques and their choice of rustic materials, embodied in unique, playful and visually striking designs has propelled "Pirondini Italia" to become one of the leading modern cuckoo clock and home accessory designers/manufacturers in Europe, selling not only within the continent but worldwide. See the full Pirondini range here.

Cuckoo Collections presents Lemnos cuckoo clocks 


With great care, Hiroshi Takata chose the name 'Lemnos' for his company and brand: the Greek island of Lemnos in ancient mythology is home to the god Hephaestus, the god of all craftsmen. TAKATA Lemnos Inc. was founded in 1947 as a brass casting manufacturing company in Takaoka-city, Toyama Prefecture, Japan. Seeing the precision of their craftsmanship, Lemnos Inc. was approached by the Seiko Clock Co. to strike a partnership and they soon launched into full-scale manufacture of clocks.  See the full Lemnos range here.

Our Modern Clock Manufacturers


Cuckoo Collections presents Incantestimo Design clocks 

Incatesimo Design

'Incantesimo Design' is a design agency based just outside of Milan, Italy. They pride themselves on their careful research and study of trends, colours, innovative materials and manufacturing processes which enable them to plan, design and craft products of elegance, refined articles with superb artistry and absolute originality. This is evidenced in every single object.  See the full Incantesimo Design range here.

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