Retro cuckoo clock designs: A throwback to the 60's and 70's

February 06, 2021

Retro cuckoo clock designs: A throwback to the 60's and 70's

Styles are cyclical in nature and as trends come and go we take the good (and sometimes the bad) with everything in between.

An iconic period in cultural history are the 1960s and ‘70's. A time of revolution - in civil rights, in expression, in technology, in art/music and culture. People will remember the iconic sounds of this time such as The Beatles, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, ABBA etc. But there are also the visual elements of this period which stick in peoples minds with the psychedelic imagery of the counter-culture, Andy Warhol, bell-bottoms & paisley shirts, bright-coloured Day-Glo fabrics, and retro furniture. But for those who were born too late to experience these golden years, try have a dig through your old folks’ attics and basements, and you might be surprised to find objects from the retro days of old that might be worth dusting off.

We at Cuckoo Collections just love all things retro, and considering the emphasis on aesthetics put into clocks and wall art, we offer a wide range of modern cuckoo clocks, many with a retro-style. Hand-built by our clockmakers in Germany and Italy, these modern cuckoo clocks are a great addition to any home with a bit of character. The beauty of our range is that there is a clock for every look, to compliment any colour scheme. Hang one on a bare white or coloured feature wall and your living room will become alive with the sound of a cuckoo bird.

Playing with bright colours and bold shapes 

In the 60's and 70's, advances in materials and production techniques meant that the wild changes in fashion and design could be brought into the world of consumer goods. An interesting example of these bold design choices, can be seen with 1950’s refrigerators which traditionally came in the classic plain white. But as manufacturers began taking note of changing consumer trends they began producing coloured versions with candy-coloured hues such as the popular harvest gold and avocado green. Today, we find many manufacturers bringing back these bold 'Kandinsky' and 'Warhol'-inspired colours with a retro range of products.


'The Cucchino' by Progetti almost reminds us of a rotary telephone, or a detached androids head. Think of it as a splash of retro orange to your wall. 


Undoubtably a retro-styled cuckoo clock, the aptly named 'Mr. Orange' by Progetti is a marriage of retro form and colour. 


A 'pop-art' of sorts, the 'Cucuball' by Progetti is a celebration of bold colours. 


A cubist-inspired clock by Progetti named the 'Choco'.


This retro-looking, three-toned clock is the 'Kandinsky' by Progetti


That distinct vintage feel

Vintage furniture and décor has never lost its allure and luster, and you’ll see them continuously gracing magazine spreads and in eye-catching Instagram posts, beautifully integrated in today’s modern design styles. Lava lamps, bean bags, pod chairs, corduroy fabrics, vespa scooters and many more have flocked the Millennial pads and equally DIY enthusiasts hacking, reviving, and replicating these novelty items. Some of our cuckoo clocks are a throw-back to these retro styles not just in colour, but in shape and texture. 


The 'Cucu Chic' by Progetti is one such example, with its form directly paying homage to the Italian Vespa scooter, with its glossy white finished, metallic clock hands and chrome-esque writing in the style of the Vespa.




The 'Fido' by Progetti, with its rounded edges and clean clock-face, is almost shaped like a CRT television, giving a sense that it's design is lifted from a 1970's design catalogue.


An ode to the artists of the 60's and 70's

Italian clockmakers Pirondini are known for their advances in modern cuckoo clock design, with an ever-changing catalogue of bright and unique cuckoo clocks. In their D'Apres range, they pay homage to artists throughout the ages and even some from the 60's and 70's.

Part of the 'Cucu D’Apres' collection by Italian clockmaker Pirondini, this cuckoo clock honours the work of Roy Lichtenstein, an 1960's American pop-art artist.


Another pop-art-inspired modern cuckoo clock from Pirondini's 'Cucu D’Apres' collection, this cuckoo clock honours the work of American icon Andy Warhol.


Certain characters in history have the peculiar claim-to-fame of having unmistakable facial hair. Here, Pirondini play homage to Salvidor Dalis moustache with the 'Cucu Faccine Dalì' Cuckoo Clock.


And another homage to another 70's icon with a famous look, the 'Cucu Faccine Lennon' Cuckoo Clock (Light Blue) by Pirondini


In conclusion

Modern cuckoo clocks are just one of the many home appliances that are getting a retro resurgence but you’ll find them an amazing addition for your home, as these novelty items showcase both human ingenuity and artistry. That human touch and slice of history are what make them such sought after pieces. Aesthetically pleasing, functional, and with styles that are adaptable to the times, designer cuckoo clocks are definitely here to stay and will continue to fascinate the generations to come. 

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