Modern cuckoo clocks are the evolution of the traditional cuckoo clock. Their range of styles, colours and themes create a wonderfully unique decor item for any modern home.

Crafted by Italian, German and Japanese clockmakers, Cuckoo Collections offers the largest range of modern cuckoo clocks online and prides itself in being a part of this evolutionary step in the cuckoo clock.  The new aesthetic takes many elements of the traditional cuckoo clock - such as the cuckoo bird, the pendulum and in some cases the 'chalet' or 'hunting' style and combines them in a range of new and dynamic materials and colours to create an object that fits an contemporary home and design style. 

All of our modern cuckoo clocks are simply beautiful to look at and a delight to listen to, with each having the iconic moving 'cuckoo' bird 'cuckoo' chime, some with the added feature of having the faint sound of a soft babbling brook in the background of the echoing cuckoo chime and a large number of iconic melodies to play (some including up to 12 melodies). 

The added benefit of modern cuckoo clocks is that many are quartz powered (i.e. battery powered) and do not need to be 'wound' like the more traditional cuckoo clocks. Another benefit is that many of the battery powered cuckoo clocks come with a 'light sensor' which detects when the room is dark and automatically switches the sound off. 

Cuckoo Collections offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee and 2 year warranty on all clocks as well as FREE SHIPPING to mainland UK and European customers. If you have any questions or need help finding a clock please do contact us today

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