Modern Cuckoo Clocks

'Modern' or contemporary cuckoo clock designs are inspired by traditional cuckoo clocks but with sleek, innovative and unique shapes, modern colours and a more practical aesthetic. Functioning on the hour, the cuckoo chime keeps it's traditional 'cuckoo bird' sound but many have the additional sound of a softly running stream. Another benefit of modern cuckoo clocks is that they all include light sensors which automatically switch off the sound of the cuckoo chime at night so that you and your family is never disturbed. 

Modern cuckoo clocks will blend in perfectly with today's modern design aesthetics no matter what your taste. Display them on a wall in the living room, bedroom or hallway choose from a variety of clocks, from bird box styles to quirky designs and minimal appearances to suit any setting. Every piece is a work of art designed for those who seek style and elegance in the home.