We offer a huge variety of traditional cuckoo clocks from German and Swiss clockmakers. These cuckoo clocks represent centuries of craftsmanship from the iconic Black Forest and surrounding regions. Each clock features the famous cuckoo bird, 'cuckoo' chime, and more. 

All of our traditional 'Black Forest' cuckoo clocks are certified by the 'Black Forest Clock Association's Certificate of Authenticity' to verify that the clock was made in the Black Forest Region, Germany and that all of it's parts, including it's internal clock mechanism, have been made with the highest of standard of manufacture.

There are many different kinds of traditional cuckoo clocks and our range includes:

Chalet cuckoo clocks - There are three basic styles of 'chalet cuckoo clock', named after the type of traditional house depicted - the Black Forest Chalet, the Swiss Chalet (with two types the 'Brienz' and the 'Emmental'), and finally the Bavarian Chalet.

Carved cuckoo clocks - There are two styles of traditional carved cuckoo clocks  – Station House or 'railroad style cuckoo clock' (Bahnhausle uhren) and Hunter Piece (Jagdtstuck) also know as the 'hunting style cuckoo clock'. 

Antique Replica cuckoo clocks - These styles contain three major categories of traditional cuckoo clock - 'Bahnhaeusli' or 'Railroad style' cuckoo clocks'Shield' cuckoo clocks, and finally 'Baroque-era' cuckoo clocks.

Cuckoo Collections offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee and 2 year warranty on all clocks as well as FREE SHIPPING to mainland UK and European customers. If you have any questions or need help finding a clock please do contact us today

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