Chalet Cuckoo Clocks

The traditional Chalet style cuckoo clock originated at the end of the 19th century in Switzerland, and become highly valued as souvenirs. Around this time music and jewellery boxes of several sizes as well as timepieces were being manufactured in the shape of a typical Swiss chalet. Chalet cuckoo clocks evolved from this aesthetic and included the added feature of a cuckoo bird and other moving pieces.

There are three basic styles, named after the type of traditional house depicted- the Black Forest Chalet, the Swiss Chalet (with two types the 'Brienz' and the 'Emmental'), and finally the Bavarian Chalet.  Chalet cuckoo clocks are signified by articulated figurine movement such as beer drinkers and servers, wood choppers, waterwheels, animals and more that normally depicts a scene of everyday German life. Chalet cuckoo clocks often feature brightly painted colours and intricate carving details.

Our 'Chalet' cuckoo clocks are perfect for any setting, drawing on centuries of craftsmanship with no expense spared in the manufacture of these timeless cuckoo clocks.  

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