Returns Policy & Warranties

We hope you LOVE your new cuckoo clock but if it's not what you expected...

In the rare case that you find the cuckoo clock does not match your expectations of what you ordered online, we offer a full 30 day return guarantee on all our cuckoo clocks as long as the clock is in the same condition it is in when they arrived. 

That is why we kindly ask that when you receive your clock we recommend that you retain all packaging and instruction documents for 30-days. In the unlikely event that you should have to return the clock this will minimise the likelihood of any damage being caused in transit and of safe return of the clock - this is vital to you gaining the full amount of your return. 

This refund policy applies to all European customers however, for all non-European customers, we work through each return on a different basis due to geographical distances and higher courier costs. If you are a non-European customer then please also refer to our 'Non-European or Non-mainland Returns Policy'. 


How much will you be refunded for a 'change of heart' return?

For all purchases over £150 we refund 100% of the price you paid for the clock AND the shipping & returns costs as long as it is returned in as close to it's original condition as possible to our inspection team or the manufacturer. They will have the final say as to whether the clock is still in good condition so please keep all packaging and make sure the clock is undamaged. We will assist you with the return shipping details and organise a freight service for you - but please contact us first so we can discuss shipping arrangements and help you as best we can. Please note that if the purchase is UNDER £150 then unfortunately the cost of freight to return the product to the manufacturer is incurred by yourself. We will do our upmost to make sure the return of your clock is as smooth as possible. Refunds will be given in the same form of payment as the original purchase. You will be refunded when we are in receipt of your return. If you want to return your goods, please email us at BEFORE returning your cuckoo clock so our friendly customer service team can provide you with the best methods and details to return the item. 

This refund policy applies to all European customers however, for all non-European customers, we work through each return on a different basis due to geographical distances and higher courier costs. If you are a non-European customer then please also refer to our 'Non-European or Non-mainland Returns Policy'. 


Returns policy for all Non-European or Non-mainland customers

We would love to treat all customers equally but due to higher courier costs for shipments back from non-European or non-mainland customer, we must treat these cases differently.

If you have ordered a clock to a non-European or non-mainland address and you wish to then return the clock from that same location because of a 'change of heart' then we must ask that you pay for the courier delivery costs back to us if you wish to be refunded the full amount. If you are returning the clock back to the manufacturer to be fixed or returned then we will work with you to either find a repair person local to you or we ask that you pay for the delivery back to the manufacturer.


Has your clock been damaged in transit? 

All of our cuckoo clocks are brand new, fresh from the manufacturer. Best efforts are made to ensure that all the clocks we sell are packaged safely and securely to minimise the chances of them being damaged in transit. However, in the unlikely event of a clock arriving 'damaged in transit' please report this to us within 3 business days. It is very important that you provide us with photos or videos showing the damage as soon as possible so that we can facilitate a plan of action for the repair. We cannot make arrangements or provide refunds unless we have photo or video proof that the clock is indeed damaged. Please email us at and make sure to attach your photos or videos of the damaged parts. It is also important that you you make sure to keep any broken parts in case they can either be used in repair of the clock or sent back to the manufacturer for inspection. In the case that the damage can be repaired by a local service provider, we will organise this for you at no extra expense. If the clock is beyond repair then we can make arrangements to have the damaged clock returned (at no expense to yourself) and a replacement sent at the earliest opportunity. If you fail to do this before 3 business days of delivery, or if you have not provided us with substantial proof that the clock is indeed broken, then you shall be deemed to have accepted the goods in the condition in which they were delivered and no full or partial refund can be given. 


Has your clock broken within its warranty? 

We take it on good faith that our customers treat their new clocks with the utmost care and respect. Your clocks are working mechanical instruments for keeping time and though they are sturdy enough for regular home-life (and packaged with care for delivery), sometimes things can break. We first ask that all customers read the instructions thoroughly so as to understand how to hang, wind and readjust time on your clocks. We also ask that customers keep their manuals safely at hand so they can refer to them when adjustments need to be made. If however you believe you are not at fault for the break then please do let us know via email and make sure to provide photos and a description of what/how/when the clock broke. We will try our best to identify the issue and see if it can be fixed through adjustments or, in extreme cases and if your clock is still under warranty, send the clock to our official repairer. Unfortunately however we do not cover breakages that occur due to heavy-handedness and mistreatment of the clock as well as failure to properly read the instruction manual. If we receive the clock back and our inspectors or the manufacturer find that the clock has been mishandled then we will not give you your refund. Our definitions of 'heavy-handedness' includes:

  • Pulling on the chains too hard so that they break.
  • Pulling on the chains in the wrong direction.
  • Winding the clock hands in the wrong direction or with too much force. 
  • Obstruction of the gears, cuckoo bird, weights & chains or clock hands etc.
  • Accidental breaks by children or animals.
  • Breaks due to misaligning the clocks mechanisms after installation
  • Breaks due to negligence during installation or moving of the clock to a new location
  • General negligence and failure to properly read the instructions before handling your clock.
  • Breakages due to pets or children


Do you want to cancel your order immediately after you have made it?

If you have a change of heart after you have ordered but before your clock has arrived with us then please let us know as soon as possible. If the clock has not yet been shipped then we will refund you the full amount you paid for the clock. However, if the clock has already been shipped from either our warehouse or from the manufacturer then we cannot refund your order until it has reached your delivery destination. Once it has been received, and if you still wish to return it then please refer to the section on this page titled "How much will you be refunded for a 'change of heart' return?" for full instructions on how to proceed. 



If you unsure about how to make adjustments on your cuckoo clock such as hanging, setting the time, moving to a new location etc, please refer to your installation manual and please don't hesitate to email us at we will gladly help you out. 


Guarantees & Warranties 

We have a two year warranty cover for all our clocks (unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer) that are deemed to be defective in parts or function. This excludes improper care or owner damage to the cuckoo clock. In addition for all our clocks we have our 30 day return policy.


The Black Forest Genuine Cuckoo Clock Certificate (VdS Certficate of Authenticity)

Genuine mechanical Black Forest cuckoo clocks come with this seal of approval from the Black Forest Clock Association (VdS) guaranteeing that you get a quality hand-made clock from one of the approved clock manufacturers.

Open a PDF version of the Certificate of Authenticity (in German with English translation)

Learn more about the Black Forest Clock Association