Carved Cuckoo Clocks

There are two styles of traditional carved cuckoo clocks  – Station House (Bahnhausle uhren) and Hunter Piece (Jagdtstuck). 

Station House cuckoo clocks are designed to resemble a guardhouse from an old train station.The Station House cuckoo's possess an architectural style and tend to be more geometric than the free form 'Hunter' style cuckoo clocks. The Station House models are also signified by their ivy pattern tracery work which runs along the sides and roof and is beautifully ornamental. 

Hunter style cuckoo clocks are a staple of the Black Forest. The wood carvings tend to be more ornate than Station House cuckoos in terms of subject matter. Hunter cuckoo clocks also carry a more artistic design in contrast to the architectural design of the Station House cuckoos clocks. Common traits are a natural wood look with leaves, birds and other animals such as bears, owls and deer, the stag being the most common. Hunter cuckoo clocks often also have a horn, bag and rifles.

All traditional carved cuckoo clocks are typified by their carvings and dark wood stain. They also have a more classic look that pre-dates the chalet ('house' style) cuckoo clock. Carved cuckoo clocks have an automaton of the bird which appears through a small trap door while the clock is striking. The bird is often made to move as the clock strikes, typically by means of an arm that lifts the back of the carved piece.

Our traditional carved cuckoo clocks are perfect for any setting, drawing on centuries of craftsmanship with no expense spared in the manufacture of these timeless cuckoo clocks.  

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