A perfect example of quality workmanship

Along the world-famous 'German clock trail', nestled in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Black Forest Region, is the small town of Simonswald and home of cuckoo clock maker 'Trenkle Uhren'. 

For more than 30 years the Trenkle family has built cuckoo clocks of outstanding quality and craftsmanship, helping them become one of only a handful of world-renowned cuckoo clock manufacturers in the Black Forest Region.

Handcrafted to the finest detail

In Trenkle Uhren's modern workshop, every part of the cuckoo clock is created and assembled. From the cuckoo clock mechanism, which is hand stamped in brass sheet, to the wheels and springs, all the way to the wooden cuckoo clock cases which are sawed from local Black Forest wood, masterfully carved and printed down to the finest detail. These parts are then carefully assembled in various shapes, sizes and designs, in accordance with the age-old tradition of the Black Forest cuckoo clock makers, to create the final masterpiece - a working cuckoo clock of outstanding quality and craftsmanship. To ensure their guarantee of quality is met, each individual clock is tested, inspected and set by their highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen before ever leaving the factory. 

A popular collector's piece

Over the past 30 years, Trenkle Uhren has built a reputation as a leading traditional cuckoo clock manufacturer. They have also captivated the acclaim of collectors around the world with their unique miniature clocks and tiny masterpieces as well as their highly famed pendulum and swinging doll clocks. They tirelessly add to their ever-changing catalogue, so that each year they release new, creative designs to follow in the footsteps of the traditional chalet and carved style cuckoo clocks they have become famous for.  

We hope you love the Trenkle Uhren cuckoo clock as much as we do and if you have any questions about their range please don't hesitate to contact us now via our online email form.

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