An Italian Legacy in Design

Progetti is one of Italy's leading design companies. For the past 30 years, they have brought together some of Italy's most brilliant product designers, thinkers and researchers to help create a unique range of contemporary house and living accessories for homes, offices and spaces worldwide. 

Based out of Carate Brianza, just north of Milan, Progetti aims to be a source of new and interesting responses to evolving design trends and ideas and loves to challenge, to rethink with originality, and to add life and fun to simple and everyday objects, without losing their main function.

Critical Acclaim

Progetti are recognised as being one of the most prominent design leaders in the "Made in Italy" series - an yearly run award for all Italian innovations and services in a wide range of Italian products, brands, arts and creative industries. Progetti has claimed not only commercial results but also recognition by many important institutions including both New York and San Francisco MoMA who have included in its catalog the modern Progetti clocks 'Rnd Time', 'Fun Time', 'Target' as well as the cuckoo clock 'q01'. Various of their products were on display at the exhibition "The Building of the Foreign Ministry and its collections" held at the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome and were included in the permanent collection "Farnesina Design" which often has its own objects in prestigious locations. Cuckoo clocks 'Capri', 'Double q' and 'O'Coque' are also displayed and included in the catalogue of the "Deutsches Uhrenmuseum", the German Clock Museum which was born in 1852 in the Black Forest region in German, home of the traditional cuckoo clock.

Progetti: Artisans of the modern Cuckoo Clock

Progetti's modern range of cuckoo clocks are statements in both form and function. They have excelled in manufacturing and technology, leaving great freedom of creative movement for their designers, allowing for the creation of products that satisfy the most demanding tastes, attention to exclusivity and to detail, and also the expectations of a discerning audience - a sensitivity to challenging yet elegant objects, natural and ecological materials, simple and emotional design. 

Their craftsmen and craftswomen breath life to each design down to the smallest details. Made from high quality wood, metal, plastics and other materials, these innovations are the basis of their ever-evolving catalogue which, above all, includes our favourite Progetti product range - the Progetti cuckoo clock - a modern cuckoo clock range that is truly unique in it's field.

All Progetti cuckoo clocks are fitted with an Engstler™ clock & cuckoo mechanism which is custom built by the Engstler cuckoo clock manufacturer in the Black Forest region, Germany. Their craftsmanship ensures the cuckoo clocks work as wonderfully as the world-famous traditional cuckoo clocks of the Black Forest region.

Meet the Progetti designers

The hand-picked designers of these cuckoo clocks include some of the highest acclaimed product designers in Italy, many of international fame who are trained in multidisciplinary design fields which include architecture, product design, automobile design and fine arts to name a few. Each Progetti cuckoo clock is an extension of it's designers expertise from the most subtle nuances of form and colour to the boldest statements of materials and function.  

Alberto Sala

Both an architect and designer, Sala is professionally involved in visual communication for product and furniture design companies. He teaches in the Faculty of Design at the Politecnico di Milano (Politecnic of Milan), in the area of virtual representation and modeling of architectural spaces. Sala is a collaborator with the INDACO department of the Faculty of Design, in the visual communications and interior design sector and he follows a research path in computer graphics applied to photo realism. In 2002, Alberto Sala participated as founding member of the RND-lab collective and in 2006 he started the ASPS studio experience.

Barbero Design

After studying industrial design at the 'Scuola Politecnica di Design' in Milan, Barbero began his professional training began with collaborations in Milan studios King / Miranda, Gregotti Associati, Massimo Morozzi Design, Von Klier Associates and Achille Castiglioni. During his professional career Barbero has designed household items and accessories for Tisettanta, Arflex Japan, Sedie & Company, Cristal Art, Giovannetti, Zeritalia, Lightec including many more. Barbero has worked with many leading car companies including Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz and Mitsubishi. His studio is engaged with many business, government and university associations providing resources and teaching. He is highly commitment to the issue of teaching, as well as collaborations with the European Institute of Design in Milan and Turin and the University of Turin Dams, is a Faculty of Design professor in the Milan Politecnico. Read more at He also collaborates with his wife, Marina, on childrens books and creative workshops under their trade mark brand 'B editions' ( 

Alessia Gasperi

Alessia Gasperi was born in 1987 in Trentino Alto Adige and she graduated in Industrial Design at the Politecnico of Milan. In 2004 she was a finalist in the international competition for young designer "A Talent for Shoes". In the world of design, she is charmed by the possibility to change people's lives, trying to realize dreams through products apparently simple, but rich in their soul. Cactus, the hanger designed for Progetti Srl, is her first piece in production.

Bibi Design

Bibi Design is run by a creative duo born in Turin in 2014. For them, designers are people who create for people, taking into account the needs of people. Their projects are born from the creative process in order to assist the aesthetics and functionality without prevarication of one on the other. They believe that good design is a poetic gesture to donate from one person to the next.

Eloisa Libera

Eloisa Libera was born in Como in 1987, she graduated in Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano. She always designs products that reflect her personality with a little bit of eccentricity and uniqueness and is continuously inspired by new trends and innovations coming from all different areas of industrial product. Progetti is her first collaboration in the design world.

Studio Kuadra

Studio Kuadra is a young and dynamic multidisciplinary studio founded in 2001. In architecture, as well as several private commissions, their works include the design of both internal and external spaces, for public, commercial and residential spaces worldwide and in their home country of Italy. They have also worked with a multitude of international companies including L'oreal, Yamaha, Vodafone and  Maserati to name a few, and their creativity is matched by the many mediums they apply them to. In the discipline of product design, The Studio Kuadra cuckoo clock 'Birdwatching' is only a tiny glimpse of the monumental aesthetic work of Studio Kuadra which at it's heart is the exploration of design, living space and technology.

Mattia Cimadoro

Product & furniture designer, Cimadoro graduated at the Politecnico of Milan. Initially closed to university research, he collaborated with, developing graphic and interior design projects. Often involved in teaching activities related to design, drawing and communication courses and laboratories, he later collaborated with ASPS design studio mainly focusing on graphic and communication themes regarding interior and furniture design production. From 2007 he was part of the team of the renowned studio 'Rodolfo Dordoni' where he grew as an interior and furniture designer, collaborating with the best italian furniture design factories. Curious and lead from a deep passion for the project he stays true to these important collaborations by constantly developing ideas for himself and for design factories. 

Ilya Titov

Russian architect, designer and engineer. Born in 1976, Ilya Titov, now lives in the capital of the cold severe country of Russia. That's why cap with ear-flaps are his favourite during long Russian winters. While designing, Ilya concentrates on making technically well-thought out objects, juxtaposed with warm and cozy elements as well as some subtle humour. Having travelled a lot around the world and in his native country (sailing across the Pacific Ocean, hitchhiking all around NZ and living in Thailand to name a few) he tries to combine native and international aesthetics in his designs but in very delicate manners. Thanks to his wide range of education and experience – automobile designer and construction engineer, architect and graphic designer - Ilya always tries to see all tasks from different points of view which leads to well-thought and reasonable, but inspired, solutions.

Riccardo Paolino e Matteo Fusi

Riccardo Paolino was born in Como in 1974. He studies Industrial Design at the Milan Polytechnic where he graduated in 2000. Fusi Matteo was born in Como in 1976. He graduated in 2001 in Production Engineering, specialization Wood and Furniture. Grown through different educational courses, the pair professionally met at the Molteni & C Research Center, where they both work as project managers and furniture designers. Here they have developed their concept of modern design and industrial production. At the same time they collaborate with various companies in the industrial design field. The ironical, witty, sensory streak distinguishing some of their creations completes their thought and project target The cuckoo clock "Cùcùrukù" is currently present in the traveling exhibition “COLLEZIONE FARNESINA DESIGN”, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the aim to promote the “made in italy” moniker around the world. 

Alberto Basaglia & Natalia Rota Nodari

The pair of architects and designers Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari made their professional debut in 1997, founding the Associated Firm named after them.
With the first design project, the “ Antennati” collection for the company YDF, in 1999 they won first prize in the Young & Design competition, happily materialising their strong ability to understand the potential of the company with which they work, interpreting its traits in the product. Many collaborations are still ongoing, and even more projects have been developed. From environmental reclamation and renovation of industrial archaeology buildings, such as Blitz Bovisa, where they also developed the interior fittings, to the creation of display areas and environments, up to the adventure in the food sector with Caffè Bonomi, for which they designed an entire bar set with production costs equivalent to Far East costs, but this time “made in Italy”.

Stefania Scaranello

After graduating in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan in 1994, Scaranello continued her training in the family design studio, dealing with the creation of collections for clothing. In 1996 she began working on industrial design, first in the Anna Gili design studio, where she first gained experience in design and in development exhibitions, and then later, independently, projecting for some complement and lighting companies. From 1997 to 2005 she collaborated with Francesco Castiglione Morelli, alternating the studio work and the freelance activity until she finally begin full-time freelancing in 2005. She has taken part in the Macef Young Design exhibition in Milan, won many competitions and appears in magazines like Interni and Ottagono. 

Francesca Macchi

Francesca Macchi (born in 1982) graduated in Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano in 2006. She worked for five years with the architect Francesco Lucchese dealing with design and communication. In 2011, she decided with love and passion to face new streets and start a new business with the study Francesca Design Macchi, a young, dynamic and bubbly study, enamored with simple design, functional and eco-friendly. She deals with product design, interior and graphical proposing projects that develop and grow through the comparison, listening and research. She loves to experiment and work with hands - cut, sew and glue - to self-produce items to give away, sell or collect. She has designed countless accessories and objects using mediums such as ceramics and textiles. Today she continues to give strong preference to eco-friendly materials so that they give life to green-soul products for the home, the body and for a new corporate evolved image.

Antonio Farina

Born in 1980, and adopted by the city of Milan, Farina graduated in Design at the Polytechnic. During this academic period he was in contact with industrial companies such as Ariston and BMW and has collaborated with several design studios and interior architecture studios. Including 3D graphics taught to students and professionals of architecture and design at a training center. In October 2010 he founded his own studio, dealing with product, furniture design and computer graphics. Farina loves designing with an playful idea, imaginative and minimal, but he respects the functional and material objects he designs. He currently works with several companies, including Mabele, Pirondini, Salvatori, Desta, Puree, MDB boilers and at the same time devoted to self-space products and accessories. His website is at

Giulia Pretti

Giulia Pretti studied Furniture Design at the Politecnico di Milano, and specialized in Industrial Design. In 2008, for "Torino World Design Capital" she took part in the workshop called "Designing Connected Places" where she experienced working with people from all over the world. Thanks to an exchange program in Sweden she was able to exhibit her project 'Ulla', at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. She always tries to combine aesthetic aspect with innovation and functionality in her projects As she loves to travel, she would like to find a job abroad.

Manuel Barbieri

Manuel Barberi is a young interior and furniture designer who studied design at the IDP (Design Institute Palladio) in Verona. In 2012, Barbieri opened his own studio 'Barbieri Design Lab' in Milan. His studio currently has assets of several collaborations with companies such as Scandola Marbles, Progetti, Linea Zero, Purapietra and Margraf. He is the director of the 'Designspeaking 'online magazine which he founded in 2012 and also the creator of the award Talent's Manifesto thought just to support young creative people. 

Gianluca Minchillo

Gianluca Minchillo was born in Venice in 1987. He studied creative design and graduated at the "Italian School of Design", in Padova in 2008. From September of the same year, he began to work at the "Design Studio" in Venice Mestre, where he learned the daily work of industrial design - working with leading furniture companies for exteriors and interiors and also decorative lighting with the historical glass factories of Murano. His project "Electra" became a finalist in the final stage of the competition: "ILIDE design contest 2010" and since January of the same year, he worked on developing important websites for professional models. In May 2012, he began a collaboration with the "Ca' Foscari University of Venice" for the creation of advertising material concerning international master. In April 2013, during "Salone del Mobile" in Milan, Calix lamp has been presented as project for Siru srl. In July of the same year, he starts a collaboration with the Caffè Florian in Venice, creating brochures, packaging, advertising pages, coming out of magazines such as Harrods Magazine and the layout of the window at Harrods.

Bellavista & Piccini

In the city of Meda, the cradle of design, the atelier Bellavista & Piccini Architetti was born. Giancarlo Bellavista studied at Naples' Federico II with Riccardo Dalisi, while Matteo Piccini studied at Milan's Politecnico with Pierluigi Cerri. An heterogeneous mix of precision and eclecticism they look at design like the confluence of different disciplines - from art to literature. Brought together by the pleasure of continuous comparison, they work hard to exceed the individualities in a permanent dialog. In their atelier, they test is the use of alternative raw materials for the creation of new products' prototypes. The studio deals with architecture and design, working together with some firms of Brianza for the development of furniture's projects.

Park Woncheol & Shin Dong Rak

Shin Dong Rak (Producing Designer) was born in 1971, in Seoul, South Korea. He majored in Interior Architecture Design in graduate school at Kookmin University and set up a design studio 'URSPACE' in 2009, Milan, Italy. Throughout his career he has been working to produce the superior manufacturing technology and design of Italy. Park Woncheol (Creative Designer) was born in 1971, in Cheongju, South Korea. He  majored in Contents Design in graduate school at Kookmin University. Originally an animation art director, he creates his own stories in various design fields. He started working on traditional painting and sculpture since 2010, and pursues design works that coat dreams, imagination and fairytales based upon traditional art genres such as paintings and sculptures.

Marc Pons

Marc Pons - made in Barcelona. He studied sculptural arts until he decided to venture into the industrial design scene. As a young product designer, he observes the interaction between mankind and the objects, searching and proposing new scenarios. Pons is unusual, ironic, permeable to his surroundings and has a peculiar sense of humor. He graduated from Llotja school of design and he appreciates design that tests raw materials and skepticism towards design dogmas.

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