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Chalet 8-day Witch Cottage cuckoo clock with music 47cm by August Schwer

Brand: August Schwer

Model ID: august-5.8887.01.P

Estimated Delivery Time: Subject to availability, approximately between October 31 and November 04.

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Chalet 8-day Witch Cottage cuckoo clock with music 47cm by August Schwer

This clock is one of our most impressive and beautiful models. The witch cottage with Hansel and Gretel coming out of the woods, mounted on a special wall board, is very impressive in any room! In reference to the Hansel and Gretel story, this clock has been designed and decorated like a real witch cottage right from a fairy tale. Surrounded by lots and lots of trees, the clock house with its pointed roof appears to stand right in the middle of a deep forest. Even behind the clock, two very large trees frame the clock against the background. This is a very unusual way to install trees on a clock and extremely rare! All around the clock are further trees, adding to the impression of a deep forest surrounding the clock. To the left hand side, Hansel and Gretel are just coming out of the wood. And on the right hand side, the evil witch is already waiting...
All figurines and decorative elements are made of wood and handpainted! Another eye-catcher is the beautiful slanted roof, just like a little forest cottage. It is tiled with individual wooden shingles, just like a real Black Forest farm house roof. All figurines, Hansel & Gretel, the witch, animals, dancing figurines are made of wood, and are hand-painted. Wooden dial, hands, cuckoo, pendulum.This clock comes with a wooden wall board. This is fixed on the wall and the clock is mounted on this wall board. This unique wall board adds to the impressive look of the clock considerably. It is 41.3 inches tall and 19.7 inches wide. In the lower part of the wall board is another decorative element. Here, another little bench is placed between two trees.
International customers: This wall board is very large and thus extremely expensive to ship. Thus the very high shipping costs for this clock.The clock has a high quality Swiss music box (Reuge); it plays 2 melodies alternatingly: Edelweiss and Happy Wanderer

Product Details:

    Colour: Walnut 
    Movement Type: 8-day Movement
    Clock mechanism 
    High quality 'Regula' movement
    Size (height): 47 cm
    Size (width): 41 cm
    Size (depth): 26 cm
    Chime: Every hour
    Nighttime shut-off Yes
    Warranty 2 years
    VdS Certified Yes
    Made by August Schwer in Schoenwald, Black Forest, Germany


    Black Forest Clock Association's 'Certificate of Authenticity'

    All of our mechanical Black Forest cuckoo clocks come complete with a 'Certificate of Authenticity' which verifies that the clock was made in the Black Forest Region, Germany and that all of it's parts, including it's internal clock mechanism, have been made with the highest of standard of manufacture. This certificate was created by the Black Forest Clock Association as a certification process designed to protect the Black Forest tradition and to represent it's quality around the world. This is the promise that Cuckoo Collections passes on from our manufacturers to you, the customer.

    Estimated Delivery Time: Subject to availability, approximately between October 31 and November 04.

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