Shield cuckoo clocks are one of the many creations from the Black Forest that have gained in popularity over the past few years. Each shield cuckoo clock from the Black Forest region is elegant, hand-painted and unique and all are wonderful additions to any home. The designs of the shield cuckoo clocks are simple and elegant - with the timepiece set against a wooden, hand carved shield which is square in shape with an arched top. 

The manufacturing of handcrafted shield cuckoo clocks began in the Black Forest in the late 18th century. They became highly popular during the early 19th century - being very reminiscent of the early 18th and 19th century timepieces - and have remained a popular collector's item for decades. The shield clocks from the German Black Forest are among the most highly recognised collector's items in the world, next to the beautiful and elegant German cuckoo clocks.

The paintings on our shield cuckoo clocks are done with very bright colours that give a strong and bold look to the clock. They are hand painted, hand carved and each has its own unique and graceful look, just as they did in the earlier days. While there are shield clocks by other manufacturers, as well as other cuckoo clock styles that are made throughout the world, none compare in beauty and strike the same similarities as traditional cuckoo clocks created in the Black Forest.