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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does 'night-time shutoff' or 'light sensor' mean?

    Most cuckoo clocks (either mechanical or battery powered) come with 'night-time shutoff' in either a manual or 'light sensor' variety. This just means that both varieties enable you to control when the clock makes sounds.

    Mechanical cuckoo clocks have a manual 'night-time shutoff' which are usually a lever with 2 positions - sound on or sound off. 

    Battery powered cuckoo clocks usually come with an automatic 'night-time shutoff' otherwise known as a light sensor which detects light levels and disables sound when the lights are off or it is very dark. While some include volume levels as well as sound on/off positions, some models also include an option to stop the sound between the hours of 9:00pm and 8:00am.

'Uaigong' Cuckoo Clock (White & Gold) by Progetti

Brand: Progetti

Model ID: progetti-2432-wg

ISBN/UPC/GTIN: 3901001009902

Estimated Delivery Time: Subject to availability, approximately between November 11 and November 21.


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'Uaigong' Cuckoo Clock (White & Gold) by Progetti

The name ‘Uaigong’ is the exact spelling of the Italian pronunciation of the Mandarin word. Indeed Italian designer Davide Tonizzo tried to create a cultural bridge between two countries - China and Italy, which both have a strong history of craftsmanship.

In Mandarin Chinese, 'Wàigong' is the word for maternal grandfather. Thus 'Uaigong' contemporary cuckoo clock is a modern revisited version of the floor pendulum clock, well-known as the 'grandfather' clock. It's sleek design perfectly embodies the minimal design which recalls the Italian and Japanese style. Available in five different colours, where the clocks body contrasts with pendulum, clock hands and cuckoo hole, this clock comes in white & black, white & gold, black & white, black & gold and finally a red & gold. It can be used as either a wall or table-top cuckoo clock, and it's embodiment of Italian and Japanese design aesthetics bring a sense of style to any room or space. 

The battery powered movement has a photosensitive sensor that automatically turns off the cuckoo sound in the absence of light. It also has a switch to regulate the volume of the cuckoo sound or to switch it off completely.

All Progetti cuckoo clocks are fitted with an Engstler™ clock & cuckoo mechanism which is custom built by the Engstler cuckoo clock manufacturer in the Black Forest region, Germany. Their craftsmanship ensures your cuckoo clock works as wonderfully as the world-famous traditional cuckoo clocks of the Black Forest region.






White & Gold


Davide Tonizzo (see below)







Power source:

Batteries (Not included)


Every hour (with automatic night-time shut off)


River stream & cuckoo calling

Light Sensor:


Country of Manufacture:




David Tonizzo was born in Toronto, Canada in 1962 with a passion for cars. After graduating in mechanical engineering part for Italy to follow his dream of designing bodywork and automotive interiors. In 1989 he began his career as a designer at I.DE.A Institute where he completed numerous projects for the Italian automakers. During his stay in Turin also he makes visits to Milan where he discovered the world of design for furniture and part of a new passion for furniture design. Utillizzando the metodologies of his Italian training he founded his own design studio in 1992 in his native city. With a igegneristica base flanked by a strong sensitivity to the forms and the human and ecological needs he could transfer his two great passions for cars and furniture to a diverse clientele. He designed cars, vans, buses, contract and home furnishings, bathrooms, bags, tableware, clothing, watches and ecological vehicle. Now has a studio in Toronto but works in Italy, USA and other European countries. In 2004, he gave a lecture at the Triennale titled "The Design of the New North: Discovering Canada". Recently it began producing short films for its customers to promote their products on the internet.

Estimated Delivery Time: Subject to availability, approximately between November 11 and November 21.

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