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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does 'night-time shutoff' or 'light sensor' mean?

    Most cuckoo clocks (either mechanical or battery powered) come with 'night-time shutoff' in either a manual or 'light sensor' variety. This just means that both varieties enable you to control when the clock makes sounds.

    Mechanical cuckoo clocks have a manual 'night-time shutoff' which are usually a lever with 2 positions - sound on or sound off. 

    Battery powered cuckoo clocks usually come with an automatic 'night-time shutoff' otherwise known as a light sensor which detects light levels and disables sound when the lights are off or it is very dark. While some include volume levels as well as sound on/off positions, some models also include an option to stop the sound between the hours of 9:00pm and 8:00am.

'Cucu Coccole' Cuckoo Clock (Print) by Pirondini

Brand: Pirondini

Model ID: pirondini-132-p

Estimated Delivery Time: Subject to availability, approximately between November 24 and November 28.


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The 'Cucu Coccole' is a cute modern cuckoo clock featuring a happy little girl and her adorable cat. 

The word "Coccole" means 'cuddles' in Italian and the scene, set against a faux-wooden wall with a blossoming vine, shows the girl peacefully cuddling her cat, as the cuckoo bird rests in it's hole on the wall, awaiting the hour when it springs to life and calls in the hour with it's iconic cuckoo call over the top of the faint sound of a babbling brook. 

This modern children's cuckoo clock is perfect for any child's bedroom or playroom or as a gift to someone who is still young-at-heart. 

This cuckoo clock features:

  • Battery powered quartz movement.
  • A light sensor with automatic night shut-off which disables the cuckoos sound when the lights are off.
  • Moving cuckoo bird which animates outwards from it's 'cuckoo nest'.
  • The sweet sound of the cuckoo bird call each hour with the soft background noise of a babbling forest brook. 

All Pirondini cuckoo clocks are designed and crafted in Italy and come with a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping

Product Details: 

Material:  High quality MDF
Colour:  Print
Designer:  Irene Guerrieri
Height:  40 cm
Width:  40 cm
Depth: 9 cm
Weight:  2.5 kg
Power source:  2 alkaline batteries D/LR20/1,5V
Chime: Each hour
Sound: Cuckoo bird & flowing river
Light Sensor:  Automatic night time shut off
Country of Manufacture: Italy

Estimated Delivery Time: Subject to availability, approximately between November 24 and November 28.

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