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Carved 8-day train station cuckoo clock 43cm by August Schwer

Brand: August Schwer

Model ID: august-2.0120.12.C

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Carved 8-day train station cuckoo clock 43cm by August Schwer

This beautiful carved cuckoo clock is carefully crafted by renowned Black Forest manufacturer August Schwer.

This amazing hand-carved cuckoo clock highlights the high-quality carvings of the famous Bahnhaeusle or train station clock. A very traditional cuckoo clock, designed as a reproduction of the original 1885 train station clock. This 1885 clock was commissioned in honor of the workers of the Black Forest Railway Line. The railway was built through the very mountainous Black Forest in the 19th Century, under greatest effort from the workers. To honor this, this clock was built in imitation of one of the 19th century train stations, and given to the workers. This clock has a special color: oak color, offset darker parts. Completing the features of this clock are the nice leaf carvings.

All August Schwer clocks are constructed with a wooden dial, wooden hands, cuckoo (August Schwer exclusive life-like wooden cuckoo) and wooden pendulum while it’s weights are made of cast iron.

Product Details:

    Colour: Walnut 
    Movement Type: 8-day Movement
    Clock mechanism 
    High quality 'Regula' movement
    Size (height): 43 cm
    Size (width): 32 cm
    Size (depth): 15 cm
    Chime: Every hour
    Nighttime shut-off Yes
    Warranty 2 years
    VdS Certified Yes
    Made by August Schwer in Schoenwald, Black Forest, Germany


    Black Forest Clock Association's 'Certificate of Authenticity'

    All of our mechanical Black Forest cuckoo clocks come complete with a 'Certificate of Authenticity' which verifies that the clock was made in the Black Forest Region, Germany and that all of it's parts, including it's internal clock mechanism, have been made with the highest of standard of manufacture. This certificate was created by the Black Forest Clock Association as a certification process designed to protect the Black Forest tradition and to represent it's quality around the world. This is the promise that Cuckoo Collections passes on from our manufacturers to you, the customer.