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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the difference between 1-day movement and 8-day movement?

    Most mechanical cuckoo clocks are either 1-day or 8-day movement. This means they don't run on batteries (quartz movement) but instead need to be manually 'wound' by hand. A 1-day movement clock needs to be wound a minimum of once every day while an 8-day movement clock needs to be wound a minimum of once every eight days to keep time.

  • How do I 'wind' my mechanical cuckoo clock?

    Each mechanical cuckoo clock needs to be manually 'wound' by hand. This is done by gently pulling on the chains at the bottom of the clock towards the floor until the weight on the opposite end is raised to it's utmost position. Gravity does the rest and as the weights slowly lower again they pull the chain through the clock-work and power the mechanism. Remember to pull gently on the chains and it also helps to lightly support the weights as you raise it up with the chain. All of this might sound complex but it's really very simple and the routine is really quite endearing.

  • When should I 'wind' my mechanical cuckoo clock?

    A mechanical clock (either of 1-day or 8-day movement types) can be wound at any time of the day as many times as you want. Be sure to lightly pull the weight chains to raise the weights in accordance to the instruction manual.

  • What does 'night-time shutoff' or 'light sensor' mean?

    Most cuckoo clocks (either mechanical or battery powered) come with 'night-time shutoff' in either a manual or 'light sensor' variety. This just means that both varieties enable you to control when the clock makes sounds.

    Mechanical cuckoo clocks have a manual 'night-time shutoff' which are usually a lever with 2 positions - sound on or sound off. 

    Battery powered cuckoo clocks usually come with an automatic 'night-time shutoff' otherwise known as a light sensor which detects light levels and disables sound when the lights are off or it is very dark. While some include volume levels as well as sound on/off positions, some models also include an option to stop the sound between the hours of 9:00pm and 8:00am.

Carved 8-day musical Aesops fable 'fox and the raven' themed cuckoo clock with twin doors, fox, raven and grapes 70cm by Hubert Herr

Brand: Hubert Herr

Model ID: hubert-herr-184/8M

ISBN/UPC/GTIN: 4026061009772

Estimated Delivery Time: Subject to availability, approximately between December 02 and December 06.


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This beautifully carved 8-day musical cuckoo clock is crafted in the Black Forest by renowned cuckoo clock manufacturers 'Hubert Herr'.


It's design depicts the theme of "the fox and the raven" which is a favourite of Aesops fables, and is the story of a wily fox who outsmarts a raven for a piece of cheese. 

In the fable, a raven has found a piece of cheese and has retired to a branch to eat it. The fox, wanting the cheese for himself, cleverly decides to flatter the raven in a ploy to steal the cheese. The fox says "Oh, you are so beautiful! But I wonder if your voice is just as beautiful to match?". Blushing, the raven proudly puffs out it's chest, takes a deep breath, and lets out it's most sweetest 'caw-caw' only to have the cheese fall from it's mouth and be quickly devoured by the cunning fox waiting under the tree. 

This beautifully carved cuckoo clock features these two characters, the fox and the raven both hand-carved and with realistic eyes made of glass, the raven is perched looking down at the fox and the fox struts below the wooden clock dial, looking up at the raven. Framing these two charming characters, and adding to the design are an array of hand-carved maple leaves, interspersed with bunches of ripe grapes

This traditional carved cuckoo clock also comes complete with it's own hand-carved and hand-painted cuckoo bird which, upon the hour, animates from behind it's little door and sings it's 'cuckoo' for the corresponding number of hours. It also features a little Black Forest music man, who plays a short melody, either 'Edelweiss' or 'Happy Wanderer'.

This 8-day movement carved cuckoo clock is perfect for adding some rustic charm and a splash of colour and life to any living room, hallway or study.

Cuckoo Chime

It features a charming little cuckoo bird which animates from behind it's little door and sings in the hour (a succession of 'cuckoo' calls, corresponding to the time of day). The sound can be turned off manually at night with a 'sound-off' lever. 


The cuckoo clock plays it's melodies through a mechanical Swiss-made music box that alternates between the songs "Edelweiss" and "Happy wanderer". The sound can be switched off at night with a manual lever. 

This clock features:

    • Moving cuckoo bird which moves out from behind it's door and chimes with it’s ’cuckoo' sound on the hour. 
    • A twin door to the left of the normal cuckoo door which features a little Black Forest music man who animates on the hour. 
    • Equipped with a German brass rack-strike movement by Hubert Herr which keeps perfect time as long as the clock is wound.
    • Equipped with Swiss-made music box which alternates between playing two different melodies upon the hour - 'The Happy Wanderer' and 'Edelweiss'.
    • Moving pendulum that sways side-to-side.
    • Manual night-time sound shut-off lever.
    • 8-day movement (which means it needs to be wound manually every eight days).

    8-day Movement

          This cuckoo clock has 8-day movement meaning approximately every eight days the clock needs to be manually wound. The act of winding the cuckoo clock is very easy and only requires someone to gently pull on the chains so that the weights are drawn back to their utmost position. Gravity does the rest and ensures the clock can be kept perfectly on time as the weight lowers and slowly pulls the chain back through the clock-work mechanism.

          Guarantee & Authenticity

          This cuckoo clock by Hubert Herr is guaranteed with the 'Black Forest Clock Association's Certificate of Authenticity' to verify that the clock was made in the Black Forest Region, Germany and that all of it's parts, including it's internal clock mechanism, have been made with the highest of standard of manufacture.

          All of our cuckoo clocks come with a 30-day money back guarantee, a 2 year warranty, and FREE shipping within Europe & Mainland UK.

          Product Details:

          Locally sourced wood, German-made brass rack-strike clock mechanism, Swiss-made music box, solid cast-iron weights.
          Colour: Natural wood & hand-painted elements.
          Movement Type: 8-day movement
          Size (height): 70cm
          Sound shut-off:
          Manually - the clock can be silenced manually with a 'sound-off' lever. 
          Warranty: 2 years


          Black Forest Clock Association's 'Certificate of Authenticity'

          All of our mechanical Black Forest cuckoo clocks come complete with a 'Certificate of Authenticity' which verifies that the clock was made in the Black Forest Region, Germany and that all of it's parts, including it's internal clock mechanism, have been made with the highest of standard of manufacture. This certificate was created by the Black Forest Clock Association as a certification process designed to protect the Black Forest tradition and to represent it's quality around the world. This is the promise that Cuckoo Collections passes on from our manufacturers to you, the customer.

          Estimated Delivery Time: Subject to availability, approximately between December 02 and December 06.

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