Warehouse Clearance Cuckoo Clocks

Find HUGE savings in our range of discounted cuckoo clocks! All of our warehouse cuckoo clocks have been tested and are in 100% working order but just need a loving home. Why are we discounting these cuckoo clocks? There are a few reasons:

  • The most common reason is that sometimes a customer may have a change of heart within the first days (or even moments) of receiving their cuckoo clock and due to our '30-day change-of-heart' policy we accept all returns as long as the clocks are undamaged and are in full working condition. We then test all of the cuckoo clocks and make sure that they are in fact 100% in working condition. 
  • The next reason is that sometimes, unfortunately, some unscrupulous people order our clocks using fake credit cards. Sometimes we find out after the clocks are sent and we quickly re-route the clocks back to our warehouse.